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Articles relating to Beginner

best wireless Bluetooth earbuds Rod Henton

best wireless Bluetooth earbuds

Fly Fishing Holidays - where to go? Martin James

Martin looks at some destinations

The Plaice are with us! Russ Symons

The fish are in early on the Skerries

The Grayling Club Geoff Maynard

Grayling and angling clubs - then and now

Snag fishing explained? Rod Henton

Set aside all preconceived ideas as Rod (with the help of Duncan Kay) explains how to catch carp when they are not feeding.

The Bahamas - Top Bonefishing! Martin James

Martin visits Andross Island -home of the Bonefish

Jumping in Puddles Jason Inskip

Taking kids fishing is more than fun - it's what life is all about!

Ballooning for pike Bill Rushmer

How to use balloons to present baits at long range and tips on unhooking pike.

SEAWEEK: Spinning Rig - RUSS SYMONS Russ Symons

How to add distance to your lure casting

Food that fought Roddy Hays

Roddy Hays explores a rarely mentioned subject. How to clean, prepare and cook your catch.

Winter carping... Rod Henton

Rod explains how he continues to catch carp in those freezing conditions.

Pike: How to get started fishing for them Bill Rushmer

Bill gets the basics of pike fishing written down.

Spot on - DR PAUL GARNER Dr Paul Garner

How to get your casting really accurate.

How to fish the waggler Bill Rushmer

Bill tells all the tricks...

How to start fly fishing Bill Rushmer

First. Wake up. Next. get out of bed... :)

How to select your first fixed spool reel Bill Rushmer

Picking a reel is not a chuck it and chance it affair

How to select that first rod Bill Rushmer

Don't do it by colour!

How to get started in fishing: First steps Bill Rushmer

The very basic first things... Licenses, tuition etc

In the zone - DR PAUL GARNER Dr Paul Garner

Zen and the art of angling

The Close Season Rules, OK? - DR PAUL GARNER Dr Paul Garner

Spawning times.

In the Balance - DR PAUL GARNER Dr Paul Garner

Balancing your tackle

Better Piking Part IV Lure Fishing Mark Ackerley

The popularity of lure fishing for pike just seems to grow and grow!

Robby Rude in Kiwiland Rob Harradine

A beginner in NZ

Better Piking Part II - Pike Tackle Mark Ackerley

Pike tackle, what to choose and where to get it.

A Mixed Bag! Stephen Yeoman

The Professional Anglers Association - there to train anglers

Hotspot Tour Guide Russ Symons

It has been said that ten percent of anglers catch ninety percent of the fish and if not strictly accurate, I bet it's not that far from the truth.

Autumn Fishing - An Approach John Young

How John catches them in the Autumn

The PAA for the Beginner & Experienced Alike Stephen Yeoman

How to get instruction

Carp Fishing Alan Tomkins

A somewhat all embracing title eh? Carp fishing has changed dramatically in the last 10-15 years, going from being the branch of coarse fishing pursued mostly by a few secretive eccentrics who caught maybe a handful of carp in a successful season, to being probably the most popular facet of the sport.

Stillwater Trout Fishing Martin James

It was an overcast day and a warm southerly wind rippled the watersurface at Barnsfold water near Preston. As I looked across to thewindward side of the lake, I could see rainbows chasing and feeding onfry, Probably small rudd. It was muddler minnow time.

Get the Point! Dr Paul Garner

How to judge a good hook - and how to tie it on!

Thoughts on longer rods Bill Rushmer

Time for a longer tool?

Africa 4: On the Edge of the Desert John Olliff-Cooper

JOC has some fun catching Vaal river catfish on a FLYROD!!!

Better Boat Fishing Eric Edwards

How to choose the right boat

A Visit To Darenth Jon Hockley

A 'beginner' hits a big-fish water

FEATURE Learning to fish with a qualified coach Bill Rushmer

How to get some basic skills

SEA WEEK: The Weevers Sting Russell Symons

Weever fish are dangerous! Know how to recognise them or suffer.

Junior Fish-ins Bill Rushmer

They are the future

Getting It Right : Wet Bread Bill Rushmer

Bill tells how to do it...

Bream along with me! Russ Symons

Black bream - how to catch 'em

Trout and Pike on Lough Mask Brian Joyce

From a top local guide

Millennium specimen hunting - part 2 Paul Garner

Facinating angling result tables from Dr Paul. Don't miss this one.

Barbel from Northern Rivers Graham Marsden

Read a barble swim by looking at the surface!

UK Catfishing - the Current State of Play Keith Lambert

Keith Lambert brings us up to date with the UK cat scene

Specimen Hunting Beyond the Next Millennium - Part 1 Paul Garner

Dr Paul looks into his crystal ball to see a bright future

Improve your Casting Bradley Bone

How to do it.

Irish Trips Dave Harrell

Dave in Eire

Some thoughts on Pike Conservation Guest Contributor

Top pike angler John Roberts cautions...

Bonefishing In The Bahamas Martin James

Seeking the grey ghosts..

Go Chase The Wild Saltwater Fish - Its Great Fun Martin James

What you need for tropical saltwater fly-fishing

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