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Product Review Articles

Our contributors get lots of chances to play with new tackle and useful equipment for the angler. In this section you will find reviews of all sorts of gear from hooks to boats. You'll find informed opinions and great advice to help you make sure you spend your hard earned cash on the right products.

Successful fishing with GPS Guest Contributor

Get Global!

The Trout Fishers Handbook - A book review Geoff Maynard

The Trout Fishers Handbook published by Swan Hill Press is a perfect Christmas gift. It's priced at ?16.95 and written by that female font of fishy artfulness, Lesley Crawford.

Fly Rods: The Thomas & Thomas Series Martin James

As a youngster I taught myself to cast, in doing so I taught myself lots of bad habits.

It's gotta be a Wind-Up! Guest Contributor

No More Flat Batteries - Charge Your Batteries Without The Need For A Power Source For Only ?9.99

Review : The Orvis Trident TL - MARTIN COTTIS Martin Cottis

On my recent trip to Tasmania, I was fortunate enough to be loaned an Orvis Trident TL rod. I opted to try out the nine-foot rod for a six-weight line because I am not a great lover of longer rods, and all of my lines are either five or six weights.

Why Not Try The River Aire - MARTIN JAMES Martin James

With just a few weeks to the end of another fishing season, many of us start to think of pastures new in the hope we might catch a big fish before the end of the season on March 14th. If you live in the north midlands, north Lincolnshire or northern England, then I have an excellent venue for you to try - it's the river Aire in West Yorkshire.

Tackle Review - The Brotel Keith Reeder

So, what's a "Brotel" then? Well, despite the name, a Brotel is not quite the offspring of a brolly and a hotel, but it's a great piece of kit nevertheless.

Review: Two Interesting Books for the fly-fisher Martin James

At Christmas time I usually get a few books from my friends, this Christmas was no different from other years. I was lucky to get several books on travel, photography, birds and fishing which included books on saltwater fly fishing and trout fishing, the latter a very interesting book all about midge fishing.

Tackle review: Greys of Alnwick Bewick centrepin reel Keith Reeder

Greys have been producing quality fishing tackle for over 40 years now. They are based in Alnwick in Northumblerand ? hardly a coarse fishing hot spot ? and have been responsible for some top notch sea, game and carp rods.

Review: Skee-Tex Field Boots Keith Reeder

It used to be a grim choice in Winter: you could have warm, dry feet and baulk at the very idea of walking ? hobbling ? more than a few yards; or you could be mobile, but spend most of the day in abject discomfort, convinced that this is what the onset of frostbite must feel like.

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