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Browse through our articles about interesting fishing locations - from exotic faraway venues to local ponds. Our writers have been everywhere and tell you all about it. If you're looking for something specific - don't forget our search engine is always available on the top bar. For fisheries and other angling businesses use our angling directory on the right.

Antigua Report Phil Houghton

A place in the sun......

Battling Bronzies in Namibia Peter Holdsworth

Belinda and I have just returned from Namibia, where we had terrific fun ? a most enjoyable holiday, although, as far as I?m concerned, too short ? not enough time spent fishing!

Dorado Days Peter Holdsworth

The master organiser, my wife Belinda, and I have just returned from an excellent trip down to the coast of Kenya over Easter.

Eagle Fishing Safaris Andy Shattock

South Africa, famous for many things including it's wine, wildlife and stunning scenery has offered the carp Angler a rather limited range of opportunities for fishing holidays until recently.

Ebro Valley Angling, Guest Contributor

You know the score, The weekend comes round, and by the time you have done that little list of jobs that the good lady has compiled for you during the week, you?re lucky if you get half a days fishing in before it's Monday morning and you are crawling in snail-like traffic, breathing in the those petrol fumes as you make your way to the daily grind once again.

Anglian Waters Report and 2002 statistics Guest Contributor

Final Report of the Season

Happy New Year to you all! Martin James

Happy New Year to you all!

World Junior Carp Tournament Guest Contributor

First-Ever World Junior Carp Tournament is scheduled for August 2003 Education and Ecology will be Important Components of the Program

A Winter Barbel Fishing Trip Martin James

I was on my 15th fishing trip in successive days, it's great being retired!

Angling Reports Martin James

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