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If you haven't visited our site for a while you will notice some big changes. You can now find what you are looking for in our articles using the search bar above. You can also find the angling business you are looking for using the comprehensive directory on the right hand side of every page.

Below you will find a list of the some of the most recent additions to the site.

best wireless Bluetooth earbuds Rod Henton

best wireless Bluetooth earbuds

Piking progress. Rod Henton

Something seasonal are our fish; April trout, June tench, September carp and now as winter drawers are on, the pike.

The Christmas ghost(carp) story Rod Henton

I read recently that nature is cruel and unjust; I thought I?d put the record straight, nature just exists.

The Acquired Arte of Worme Getteing maurice pledger

As with most things concerning fishing, the prerequisite for success is more often than not dependant on the weather.

New venue, new opportunities? Rod Henton

As I left my house this morning the voluptuous young lady who has just moved in next door called out to me, ?Any chance of giving me a lift?? Never one to disappoint I eagerly replied, ?You look gorgeous, your hair and make-up are perfect, you?ve got your health and the world?s your oyster, go for it!? I got in my car and drove off and thought of how happy I must have made her feel.

Back from my hols? Rod Henton

I?ve just touched down from a week on the Greek isle of Crete, the only fish I saw was a large sea bass with a slice of fresh lemon (delicious!) so I won?t bore you with any of the alcohol fuelled sexual frolics that occurred in-between, the editor deems it ?inappropriate? (honest!)

Lies, Damn lies and statistics Rod Henton

I said, ?Liquor, not lick her!?

Antigua Report Phil Houghton

A place in the sun......

Back to basics? Rod Henton

We have a calendar at work that gives you a ?thought for the day? on each page, some witty, some poignant, mostly naff. Today?s message warranted repeating though I thought, it read, ?Give someone a fish and it will feed them for a day, give someone the knowledge to fish and you will feed them for a lifetime.? I don?t know who wrote it but I do know he didn?t fish Wraysbury!

Battling Bronzies in Namibia Peter Holdsworth

Belinda and I have just returned from Namibia, where we had terrific fun ? a most enjoyable holiday, although, as far as I?m concerned, too short ? not enough time spent fishing!

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